Lawn Mowing and Garden

CCHPM provide garden services to residential homes and businesses on the Central Coast, Newcastle, and the Hunter Valley.

Garden Services include services such as regular scheduled garden maintenance, one off garden clean up visits, and rubbish removals. And much more! We have all the tools with us to get your job done quickly and efficiently. And we turn up on time, every time. That is our promise. Our typical garden services are listed below, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, it doesn’t mean that we cannot take care of it for you. Call Paul to discuss your ideas today.

We specialise in maintaining and improving existing gardens. But we also can create maintenance free garden spaces and assist with new garden designs that are eco and wildlife friendly. We help your existing garden look its best 365 days of the year. And we don’t stop there.

If you want updates to your garden, whether it be additional garden beds added or removed, or just want a good old regular lawn mowing we can help. We always mow laws to the “right height” too. We all know how annoying when someone mows your lawn so short that it looks dead the next day. Or if they leave it too long so that you have the call them back again. Not us! We take pride in all our work and want you to take pride in it too. So Call Paul at CCHPM to discuss what you need done in your front or back yard.

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All Lawn Mowing, Whipper Snippering and Edging

CCHPM provide the highest standard of lawn mowing and edging. We want the Central Coast and Newcastle and the Hunter to look great and are working hard at all yards to make them look neat, tidy, fresh and beautiful. All edges whipper snippered and lawns mowed to correct heights for seasonal and weather conditions.

Home Renovations

Lawn Restoration and Repair

Is your lawn looking brown and patchy, or is it overgrown and full of weeds? We have the skills and tools to bring your lawn back to its former glory, or give it a green glow that it never had. With a combination of careful mowing and edging, aerating and fertilizing, and watering we can make your yard look like that park land that you always dreamed of.

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Setting Up Automatic Watering Devices

When you want your lawns to look great, it takes time and effort. One way to reduce that, while increasing the health of your lawns, is to use automatic watering systems. Saves hours per week of hosing, or having to remember to turn the sprinklers off. Perfect for strata blocks and holiday units as well as anyone who wants a fantastic, fuss-free lawn. We can install simple timer based sprinklers that are perfect for average front and back yards, or more complex system that target individual areas or plants.

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Weeding and Planting

It doesn’t take long before a garden can become overrun with weeds. And weeds can be the death of a beautiful garden, not just in looks, but weeds can also kill plants and grasses. We can remove weeds from garden beds and lawns with a combination of weed killer and good old weed removal. We ensure we dont harm any existing plants that are in your garden, and dont use pesticides that are harmful to pets or children. We can also weed proof your garden with weed stopping matting in garden beds to prevent weeds growing back. Great for rental or holiday places, or for those who just dont want to deal with weeds any more.

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Garden Clean ups and Rubbish Removal

Are you moving and forgot to order the rubbish pick-up? Or maybe just need all the bits and pieces picked up and taken away, no matter what they are. We remove all excess garden and household rubbish and take it to the local tip. Areas are left clean and swept free of dirt.

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Storm Water Drainage Issues

Do you have puddles that do not drain away, or water running of your roof rather than going down the drains? We can clear blocked storm water drains, or solve ground drainage issues to ensure your feet stay dry on your land. Give Paul a call today to discuss your drainage issues. 20 Years Experience.

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And all other Outdoor Garden Jobs

We are available for all your Garden and Outdoor requirements on the Central Coast, Newcastle, and the Hunter Valley. If what you need done is not listed above, that doesn’t mean that we dont do it. Just give Paul a call to discuss your needs today. We all know how one job leads to another, so when you need a hand, Central Coast Handyman and Property Maintenance can help.